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Product Range overview DAB Multiplexer system:

Factum product overview






The Factum DAB head-end system can be realized in the Factum 1U hardware, and different functions can be combined into a singel unit, as having both encoders, dataservers, management and multiplexers in the very same single unit. 

As an option, the system can also be fully virtualized, and has been tested with Hyper-V and VMware.  

Finally, Factum can also provide complete SaaS and Iaas (Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service)  


The Factum 1U hardware is based on high quality industrial computers, designed to have the highest MTBF and reliability.
-1U-high rackmounted chassi
-25W power consumption
-RAID1 Mirrored harddisks, hot swapable
-Front panel VFD display for easy monitoring
-Triple Gigabit Network Interface
-Quick Startup, less then 30sec


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