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Product Range overview DAB Multiplexer system:

Factum product overview






The Factum DAB head-end system is based-on the new Factum 1U hardware, with the capability to combine different system components into a single unit, if required.

As an option, the system can also be fully virtualised, and has been tested with Hyper-V and VMware.  

Factum can also provide head-end Software as a Service (SaaS) for virtualisesd installations. 

The Factum 1U hardware is based on high quality industrial computers, designed to have the highest MTBF and reliability.

-1U-high rackmounted chassis
-25W power consumption
-RAID1 Mirrored hard disks, hot swapable
-Dual power supply, hot swapable
-Front panel VFD display for easy monitoring
-Dual Gigabit Network Interface
-Quick Startup, less then 30sec


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