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DAB+ Digital Radio Transmission Demonstration in Bangkok

1 March 2013

DAB+ digital radio will be broadcasting live for the first time in Bangkok tomorrow as part of a three-day technology Workshop and demonstration jointly organised by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), Thailand, and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Utilising DAB+ equipment and expertise from Australia and Europe where digital radio is on air, the three-day Workshop in Bangkok from 1 to 3 March 2013, will include a live field test demonstration in and around Bangkok and presentations on DAB+ internationally, network planning, why broadcasters should go digital and a look at the structure and regulatory considerations when rolling out digital radio.

Designed to showcase knowledge and experience in digital radio technologies, the transmission demonstration will be conducted at MCOT and enable broadcasters in Bangkok to get firsthand experience and a clear understanding of the technology and how it operates in their own city.

Colonel Dr. Natee Sukonrat, the Vice Chairman of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand, said “This Workshop initiated by the NBTC is an opportunity for Thailand especially the radio broadcasters and the Thai people to learn about digital radio technologies. The NBTC has planned to deploy digital radio broadcasting next year and is now working with the ITU on roll-out roadmap.”

“Radio is still a ubiquitous and widely disseminated communication means for reaching out to people around the world especially those living in underserved areas, while digital radio brings more advantages such as accessibility through metadata technology for persons with disabilities. ITU continues to develop the standards that make technological advances in digital radio platforms available globally through webcasting, mobile streaming, blogging, podcasts, and social media etc. This workshop has demonstrated a strong partnership between the ITU and the NBTC, which has been strengthened over the years”, said Dr. Eun-Ju Kim, Regional Director of the ITU Regional Office for Asia-Pacific.

WorldDMB has been invited to conduct the workshop and demonstration for senior engineers and industry stakeholders to learn more about what is involved in the rollout of digital radio. The Workshop is divided to two parts – with workshop sessions today and Sunday and the equipment demonstration and field tests tomorrow.

Joan Warner, Chair of the WorldDMB Asia Pacific Committee who will speak at the workshop said “WorldDMB offers broadcasters information on all aspects of the switch from analogue to digital. These workshops and demonstrations are tried and tested

services that WorldDMB has offered to other markets that have successfully deployed DAB+.”

The Workshop is supported by WorldDMB in conjunction with Commercial Radio Australia (CRA), MCOT Public Co Ltd, the Government Public Relations Department, and the Royal Thai Army Radio. It welcomes over 100 participants including public and private sectors, delegates from ASEAN Member Countries and from other countries.

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