Factum to provide Mux for Irish DAB and DAB+ Multiplex

04.05.2012, Ireland & Sweden

DB Digital Broadcasting has engaged Factum to provide encoders, data broadcasting and multiplexing services for its new DAB/DAB+ network broadcasting to the cities of Dublin, Limerick and Cork.

"2012 seems to be a growth year for digital radio. More and more countries are trying the technology and now Ireland has joined the Eureka family of standards. Factum puts a lot of efforts into promoting this technology in new regions and we are proud to work with DB Digital Broadcasting in Ireland as a reference project for digital radio", says Patrik Olsson, CEO Factum Electronics.

“Data capabilities are the crucial key to digital broadcasting for commercial stations” says Dusty Rhodes, Director, DB Digital Broadcasting.
“A key part of our collaboration with Factum is to develop the data side of digital broadcasting. In addition to listener focused PAD we are working with advertisers on ways to promote their products and services via the screen available on every single digital radio receiver.”

About Factum Electronics:

Factum Electronics AB (www.factum.se) is a world leader in the areas of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), DAB+, DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), and NICAM, digital stereo sound for television broadcasting. Factum Electronics develops and sells system solutions for signal encoding, decoding, and processing and serves professional broadcasting customers in more than 40 countries. Additionally, Factum Electronics develops and sells middleware for receiver chip manufacturers and test & monitoring equipment.

About DB Digital Broadcasting:

DB Digital Broadcasting (www.dbdb.ie) is Ireland’s national independent multiplex and network transmission provider. The company was founded by Dusty Rhodes and Joseph King to operate Irelands first national commercial DAB+ network bringing 30+ new radio stations to every home & workplace
DAB+ in Ireland.

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