Italy goes DAB+ with Factum

Factum Electronics, the leading global provider of next-generation head-ends for digital multimedia broadcasting, has delivered an important order of the new generation Digital Radio multiplexers to Club DAB Italia, the digital network operator for some of the most important Italian national commercial radio stations.

When Italy started its regular DAB+ transmissions the choice was again to go for encoders and multiplexers from Factum Electronics.

Club DAB Italia had –amongst other requirements- a challenging angle on its redundancy requirement, which was met with the ultra modern modular architecture technology from Factum.

Patrik Olsson, CEO of Factum said; “We feel we have got trust in our products from every corner of Italy ever since we made our first handshake with the Italian market back in 2003. A ten year long partnership with the Italian Digital Radio market is now coming to the next level; a true friendship in regular DAB roll out, with Club DAB Italia as one of the most important players.”

Fabrizio Guidi, President of Club DAB Italia commented; “The encoders and multiplexers from Factum are efficient, powerful, energy saving and in the forefront of today’s technology. We have used Factum for ten years now and its quality and ability to carry out new features and functions is great.
I believe also France, The Netherlands, Sweden and other countries which are about to launch Digital Radio have a lot learn from the latest innovations
from Factum together with the Italian customers.”

Since earlier Factum has announced business projects for Digital Radio in Italy together with EuroDAB with RTL 102,5, CR DAB, Raiway, RAS and Vatican Radio.