NICAM Decoder

NICAM Decoder


NICAM 728 Demodulator/Decoder
High performance NICAM 728 demodulator/decoder, with Bit Error Rate display

Functionally ND270 may be divided into three blocks:

  • IF to intercarrier frequency converter
  • QPSK modulator
  • NICAM decoder

Converts a QPSK modulated NICAM signal to analogue sound
IF/Intercarrier/Data inputs
I- and Q-signal outputs
Intercarrier/Data/Analogue audio outputs 
Simultaneous M1/M2 outputs in dual mono mode
Bit Error Rate display and Remote monitoring


ND270 is a high performance NICAM 728 demodulator/decoder mainly designed for monitoring of NICAM signals in CATV networks
ND270 is also suitable for demodulation of QPSK modulated NICAM signals to clock and data for digital distibution networks (e.g. optical fibre networks).
ND270 is avaliable for system B/G, system I and other systems on request